Things to consider when getting your first apartment

When the time comes to lie on your own, an apartment is usually the first choice that comes to mind. This is especially convenient when you have just gotten your first job after college and are moving out to a new city. This is a good opportunity to be independent and on your own, but there is also a big struggle. You will have to find a suitable apartment with good living conditions and this might take you a while.

Here are top things to consider when getting a new apartment

What is the commute?

You might get the perfect apartment with everything you wish to have but is the commute really worth it? Ensure the distance from home to the place of work is not that big because it will take a toll on your time and energy. Also, if you are not driving make sure your home is close to the subway or bus station to make things easier.

Do you need a roommate?

If you are getting a high cost apartment, you need to evaluate whether or not you should live with somebody else. It is very important that you find the perfect roommate because once you get one; you can’t replace them until the lease is over. The quality of life and living standards will depend on the relationships between you and your roommate.

How is the neighbourhood?

Looking for a new apartment means you will be living n a new neighbourhood. You will have to consider factors like the businesses in the area, the recreational spaces and some of your favourite leisure spots. Look for grocery stores, retail shops and basic restaurants that will make your living easy. Parks and wide streets are good if you are a pet owner.

Ask the owner about the utilities.

Finding a good apartment with desirable features is one part of the struggle. The other is finding one that fits within your budget and still has these features you look out for. Some owners lease out apartments at high rates and you still have to pay for the monthly utilities. Watch out for such deals and question the landlord before you sign any documents.

Does the apartment have working heat and air conditioning?

Building renovation is so advanced, you can’t tell the difference between old and new apartments. The problem comes in when you lease an apartment in an old building that does not have any air conditioning or heating system. This can be stressful during summer and winter weathers.

Make sure you assess the safety of the building

Although it is not your responsibility to check on the safety of the building, you should make it a priority before you move in. Some landlords may not take the responsibility to ensure the house is safe for tenants. Look for functioning carbon alarms, smoke detectors and fire escapes that complex. These basic safety measures should be in all densely populated building.

If you have a car, check for the parking When you travel to work or school, you need some safe place where you can park it. Ensure there is free parking inside your building for convenience.